Sunday, July 25, 2010

time to get back on track

So I've been so bombarded the past two months that I lost platinum status. However, career wise I think I've found what it is I want to do, and what direction I hope to go. That means that poker may need to take somewhat of a back seat the rest of the year. Not putting forth as much effort is a little disappointing though. I feel like i've put in a lot of sweat to get to this point, and to decrease my playing time is rough. At this point, achieving supernova will certainly be a daunting task. But I've come to realize I'm not a superstar. I'm not Sidney Crosby. Rather, at best I'm probably a third line winger like Tyler Kennedy. I know though that I am good enough, and that if I had the stamina and time, that I could at least make 70-80k in a year. But what a grind that would be, and I don't think I like poker that much!

So with my bankroll the way it is, I have a few options on what direction I'd like to go. I can easily keep gold star status with no problem the rest of the year, and probably make like 5-10k. But I've been in an ambitious mood lately, and I would really like to achieve supernova. Right now I need 53,380 VPP the rest of the year. That's 10,676 VPP on average each month. A tall task. I've also decided to start my own practice. Another tall task. But I think both are quite nice accomplishments, and are worth pursuing.

To get supernova, I'd need to play more 200NL, and for longer stretches each month. But whatever. If it happens, it happens.

I've drafted a business plan and hope to open up my own office in the next few months. We'll see how that goes. If I become an entrepreneur, I think I'll need to start another blog and a webpage!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

june review

June was again a very eventful and stress filled month. When there's so much life change it's hard to get good volume in. I finally ran well above expected value, but my winrate was still very lackluster for how lucky I was.

The end result:

+577.00 table winnings
+83.25 rakeback(2561.53VPP*2.5 multiplier for platinum star*.013c/FPP)
+50 stellar reward bonus for 40kVPP
710.25 USD total profit

I only played around 20 hours, for an hourly rate of about $35/hr. I feel like I need to incorporate a few changes into my game. I'm going to play less tables, and will try to make some non-standard plays against certain opponents to try to get this winrate up. Likewise, I will stop overplaying some trap hands. For instance, I'll try 3betting AQ less often, as it does have good showdown value on its own, and is not something I'm too excited to be playing 3bet pots in.

Hopefully i'll be able to post some goals and a reflection on the past few months shortly.